Success for life

The Success for Life Curriculum is our educational programme that is used in class for development and leadership training and promotes positive skills at home in day to day life in the junior curriculum. Our training serves as a vehicle to instil values and skills for the children to put to use outside of our Martial Arts School.

Skills include: positive attitude, self-confidence, self-control, and positive thinking, listening skills, respect and good manners. The ability to focus attention, perseverance and courage will all feature as well as focusing on the main martial art curriculum. Parents and children are able to monitor individual progress the result of which is that all of our students receive a certificate of achievement on a regular basis.


  • Be fair and just
  • Listen to both sides
  • Be open minded and reasonable
  • Shared fairly with someone

Conflict avoidance

  • Avoiding difficult situations
  • Confidence
  • Seek to understand others
  • Bullying


  • Prepares to be responsible
  • Enhances prospects for success
  • Promotes standards of respect
  • Honesty and fairness


  • Achieve more
  • Working together
  • A common goal
  • Cooperation

In class discussion and activities will focus on:

The benefits of working in a team and understanding each other's perspective.

The rules of teamwork to allow everyone to work well together to achieve a common goal.


"Building a better future through Martial Arts"