Pressure points

GI AP SOOL (Pressure Point Techniques)

The people of the Orient have studied the body's vital points, or pressure points for more than two thousand years. They used this knowledge for healing (i.e. acupuncture and acupressure) and also to develop a very effective fighting system. There are 684 major pressure points on the body and in Hapkido training we will use 356 of these points. Hapkido uses the collected knowledge of the body in its method of defence and attack.

A vital point may be located on the body where there is an exposed nerve without heavy protection from bone or muscle tissue, a joint formed by two bones or a point on the body where an organ may be easily damaged. Striking a vital point will cause pain, unconsciousness or death depending on the point struck, development of the opponent and the force of the blow. (A small person may use Hapkido and its vital point attacks to defeat a larger opponent).

If an untrained person strikes an over-weight person in the stomach there would be little damage, but if a trained person strikes the same person in the solar-plexus with concentrated force, the opponent may become unconscious or die. With the use of attacking vital points and Ki power, the blow is seven times more effective.

In Hapkido vital points are not only attacked by striking or kicking, but also by grabbed or pressed to control the opponent.

Pressure Points Names 

English  Korean English Korean
1. Lung 7 1. Yuhl Gyuhl 1. Spleen 1. Sahm Urn Ghyoh
2. Large Intestine 10 2. (Soo) Nee 2. Stomach 2. Dohk Bee
3. Lung 3 3. Chuhn Boo 3. Bladder 3. Wee Joong
4. Heart 1 4 .Geuk Chuhn 4. Spleen 4. Hyuhl Hae
5. Not on a Meridian 5. Hohn Soo 5. Liver 5. Jahng Moon
6. Gall Bladder 3 6. Kaek Joo Inn 6. Heart 6. Geuk Chuhn
7. Not on a Meridian 7. Hohn Soo 7. Conception Vessel 7. Ki 7 KiHae
8. Spleen 21 8. Dae Poh 8. Conception Vessel 8. Goo Mee
9. Conception Vessel 6 9. KiHae 9. Conception Vessel 9. Yuhm Chuhn
10. Conception Vessel 15 10. Goo Mee 10. Not on a Meridian 10. Hohn Soo
11. Conception Vessel 23 11. Yuhm Chuhn 11. Stomach 11. Yoo Geun
12. Liver 13 12. Jahng Moon 12. Governing Vessel 12. Ah Moon
13. Governing Vessel 15 13. Ah Moon 13. Gall Bladder 13. Kaek Joo In
14. Governing Vessel 24 14. Shin Juhng 14. Governing Vessel 14. Dae Choo
15. Stomach 15. Yoo Geun 15. Gall Bladder 15. Yahng Neung Chuhn

pressure-points-1jpg.png Pressure Points in the head

pressure-points-2.png Pressure points on the front of the body

pressure-points-3.png Pressure points on the back of the body

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