Our Hapkido Club was formed in 2012 by Kevin Sanford.  Master Kevin recently under took a gruelling testing, after passing this test was promoted to the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt, Kwan Jang Nim (KJN) meaning Master Level.

His experience within martial arts started at a young age when he took up Kyokushin Karate - an authentic and street-ready interpretation of the Japanese martial art.

Then moved on to Kuk Sool Won where he attained is 3rd degree black belt and upon leaving was asked to retested for 3rd degree in Hapkido

Master Kevin has personally trained 63 students to 1st degree black belt and 8 to 2nd degree, 6 to 3rd degree and 1 to 4th degree.

Master Kevin has recently returned from Canada where he competed in the Korean Martial Arts Hall of Fame and came home with 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals as well as being inducted into the hall of fame.

Master Kevin is also been appointed the Representative for the UK for the International Jun Tong Mul Sool Association  as well as one of only two stick Masters in the UK for the association.

There are few martial artists of this calibre in the area and a student of Hapkido is sure to benefit from this vast experience.

Master Kevin instructs the adults and children's classes which are also assisted by his senior/longest student PSBN Obi Brinkley, who will be starting his 4th dahn testing summer 2020. Assisted closely by Assistant instructor JKN Rosie and JKN Fred our Junior Instructor. Both are testing in March 2020.

"Building a better future through Martial Arts"